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Trade Show

2022 Annual Report

We want our tradeshows to be an "experience" for both our vendors and consumers with different theme areas to showcase businesses and make our show a place that attendees want to return to year after year. Although condensed in comparison to previous years we had a very successful show this year. Our new logo (shown below), new layout and new approach to the show were big changes for the year. These changes allowed us to improve the show as well as help build a template of what will create better experiences in years to come. Having conversations with our business community allowed us to hear their challenges, which turned our efforts into exploring new opportunities. We look forward to planning and executing new and exciting "experiences" for vendors and consumers alike as we keep ‘Fuelling our Business Community’.

Trade Shows

April 22 - 24, 2022

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"Chamber’s staff are to be congratulated! Keep up the enthusiastic good work!"

"All staff was very friendly and accommodating. Thank you to everyone!"

"Chamber staff were all EXCELLENT!"

"I have done trade shows since the 90's and this was the most friendly and approachable trade show staff that I have seen in Medicine Hat"

"Everything was good. The MH Chamber staff doing rounds with lemon-water and fruit was TERRIFIC! We were very happy with our booth location and there was a wonderful amount of traffic."

"The staff were amazing and accommodating, thank you! The venue was fabulous and clean, as always."

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Vendors that are Members

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