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Our Current Altitude

Before we take flight we must do all the checks to ensure the flight is safe. We start by making sure all the mechanical pieces are working such as the aircraft frame, struts, fluids, and emergency equipment. The pilot will then check the controls, and make sure the aircraft is operating properly. From there crews and communications make sure the runway is clear for take-off. The aircraft will then proceed to take flight.

Similar to the flight of an aircraft, the chamber operates with all the proper steps. We gather information for your business, this ensures that all of the proper information and checks are done to proceed with take-off. We create a communication channel so you don't miss any information. When you are ready for takeoff we ensure the runway is clear, similar to how we advocate to reduce red tape for your business. Once we have lift off we continue to assist your business so you can have all the proper necessities for a safe and secure flight.

The Chamber has been increasing altitude for more than 120 years. It has a strong frame from many presidents, board and business members of the past. All these people help lift the aircraft higher so the flight that we are on today is the most secure and safe it can be. Without these people, the aircraft would merely fall apart, without structure and safety.

This history allows the Chamber to have a successful flight each and every takeoff. These people hold the structure to the Chamber that allows us to keep 'Fuelling our Business Community'.

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