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We are the most unified, valued and influential business network in our region. Help us build a strong and vibrant economy together. You don't have to do it alone, connect with us today.


Serving Bassano, Brooks, Cypress County, Duchess, Medicine Hat, Newell County, Redcliff, and Rosemary


Over the past 19 months the Medicine Hat Chamber of Commerce has been an incredibly valuable resource for information to our small business. Staying on top of grant opportunities, small business supports, public health orders, restrictions, and the ever-changing business climate in this Covid season has been an overwhelming job to stay on top of. The Chamber has been like an extra member of our team by being just a phone call away to answer questions and providing clear and regular updates through email communications. We appreciate that the Chamber has been able to help us navigate all the necessary changes in our business and we are so grateful for the ongoing support as we continue to get through this time as a community.

- Natalie Koch, Prairie Sprinter


In my 20 plus years in business in Medicine Hat there have been many organizations that I have been exposed to and been a part of. The Chamber is so much more than just an advocate for business. The value that they provide to a member is immeasurable. Taking advantage of the programs and discounts in just a few areas pays for the investment in the membership. Join. You'll be glad you did.

-Ryan Jackson, Principal of RAMECO Consulting Group


Being a member of the Chamber of Commerce has provided Auto-Star with many networking opportunities and recognition. We have been nominated for many Chamber awards over the last several years, and have been fortunate enough to win on multiple occasions.  This has a boost to our marketing and visibility locally and beyond, and we have been very proud of this.  We really appreciate the fact that we get a chance to meet other like-minded businesses through the Chamber, and we have a voice to provide feedback on business matters.

-Hugh Arthur, CEO & Co-founder of Auto-Star Compusystems

Business Awards:

It was a great marketing tool and the whole process of being nominated, promoted in the media, and then ultimately winning, had a major impact with regards to awareness and exposure. To be recognized as a business (rather than just an entertainer) was a monumental moment for me and my operation, as it certainly helped me gain credibility within the business community.

-Trevor Moore, The Magic of Trevor Moore & Advantage Golf Academy


Our level of association with the Chamber has varied over the years, but we have always been a strong supporter. The main benefit has been that we are privileged to be part of a dedicated group of professionals constantly working towards making Medicine Hat a viable business community.

-Melanie Beals, former Events & Entertainment Manager with the Medicine Hat Lodge


The Chamber provides a voice for businesses in Medicine Hat. As a member of the downtown business community, we have benefited from the advocacy role the Chamber has played. Networking and collaborating with members has also been beneficial in our growth and development. Educating ourselves in business, marketing and economic trends is an important part of our professional development as business owners and employers. The Chamber of Commerce provides many opportunities for us to continue to do so.

- Dr. Shann Snedden, River Dental

Member Portal:

The new Medicine Hat Chamber member portal is extremely easy to use and easy to maneuver. This is a nice addition to the website that allows our organization to update our information and post our community events for all Chamber Members to see in just a few easy steps.

- Jacqui Pederson, President, Medicine Hat Regional Human Resources Association (MHRHRA)

Membership & Advocacy: 

Most business owners and managers are extremely busy people.  We don't always have the time we would like to devote to addressing business issues and concerns affecting our City and surrounding area.  The Chamber partners with local businesses to assist us all in creating a strong, pro-business voice that ensures local businesses (and therefore, the local economy) are given the attention they merit.

-Simon Hersey, Smith & Hersey Law Firm

Membership & Advocacy:

The Chamber is an organization that is made up of members from all sectors of business, each of whom brings something special to our city.  As a member, we have benefitted in many ways. In one example, the Chamber was able to provide us with contact information that helped us deal with serious issues pertaining to the flood.  The Chamber is also an important and influential advocate on matters ranging from international border crossing access, to physician recruitment.  The Chamber stays extremely close to various government officials to ensure that the needs of our community are not being forgotten by those that affect our daily lives. In more practical day-to-day matters, Chamber members are able to take advantage of numerous services such as cost-effective group benefits, member-to-member discounts and advertising.

-Dawn & Les Postnikoff, Owners/Operators, Paradise Valley Par 3 Golf Course

Business Awards:

“We were surprised and honored to be considered for such a distinguished award.  The entire family wishes to say THANK YOU [to the nominator] for the nomination.  Not only do we view the nomination as a recognition of what we do as a business and a family but more importantly we view the nomination as a recognition by the Chamber of the importance of agriculture to the economy and future of Medicine Hat and the surrounding area.  For that we say THANK YOU to the Chamber as well.”

- Randy A Lehr, Short Grass Ranches

Membership & Advocacy:

"The Chamber pushes to advocate on related issues and shed light on topics of concern, bringing together the parties involved and come to an amicable resolution for all and promote business in Medicine Hat and area. Always interested and equipped to meet topics and issues head on, that affect the betterment and wellbeing of its members, addressing issues that have a direct relationship to the Chambers vision, mission, values, goals, policies and priorities. I feel the Chambers voice is a valued asset to the community for all and encourage all to get involved and support your local Chamber of Commerce.”

- G.W. Buck Smith

Trade Shows:

"We have, for the past 5 years, loved being in the Medicine Hat Chamber of Commerce trade shows. We are always treated with such appreciation in Medicine Hat. You go out of your way to let us know that we are vital to your success. We have not been involved in trade shows in any other city where we have been offered so much in the way of value. All of the staff are so pleasant, kind and anxious to make our experience at the show a truly great one! Thank you!"

- Sharry Yaeck


"I cannot begin to tell you the immense service that you have done for me personally and to Bee-Clean. We have found a direct connection to the Medicine Hat Business Community through the chamber. Not to mention how accepted we felt since the very beginning. Thank you for everything  you have done for us."

- Francisco Amaya, Bee-Clean Building Maintenance

Chambers Group Insurance Plan:

"The Chamber Plan has been a good fit for our company and employees.  It is great to have access to all the benefits of this plan both as a business and for our employees that are enrolled."

- Premium Sausage

Chambers Group Insurance Plan:

"Once we switched to the Chambers Plan we never looked back.  The service is professional and friendly, we’re updated as needed and we feel well-looked after."

- College Child Care Society of Medicine Hat

Chambers Group Insurance Plan:

"I have almost completed my first full year with the Chamber Plan and I have noticed the benefits of this plan and have enjoyed how user friendly it is"

-Property Knights

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