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2022 Annual Report

We are invested in raising our members to new heights. We are here to serve the needs of every business in our region and are driven to ensure every member feels like they are the top priority and first in class. We invest time and resources to make sure we help businesses meet their specific needs. This year we expanded past our general events to bring members the resources that they need. Grand openings, advocacy, promotion, and community partnerships, helped to elevate businesses but we also went a step further this year by introducing more specialized and personalized learning sessions. Hosting topics that cover all areas of a business to help our members elevate to the next level of their business lifecycle. We value every dollar that is invested in us by our members and are using these resources to continue elevating business and ‘Fuelling our Business Community’.


766 Total Members

7 Grand Openings

70 New Members

25 Micro Events

Brown Bag (1)

7 Presentations

63 Attendees

7 Topics

3 Months

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