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Who We Are

Fuelling our business

community for you.

We are a grassroots not for profit business network, built by business for business. We are a champion for business and an essential source of information and solutions. We help build the businesses that support our families and our communities.

Serving Bassano, Brooks, Cypress County, Duchess, Medicine Hat, Newell County, Redcliff, and Rosemary

What We Can Do For You



We’re here to connect YOU to the business community.  We can partner YOU with the organizations that have the skills YOU need. We’ll help YOU make the connections that will make a difference in YOUr business.



We're here to support YOU, by promoting YOU, our member. We’re focused on providing YOU business solutions and cost savings and by informing YOU of relevant business information.



We will influence government in order to make a difference for YOU, by monitoring government and championing growth in our local economy through advocating for YOUr best interests, our members.

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Who We Are

The Medicine Hat Board of Trade was founded on May 28, 1900 under the Boards of Trade Act by a group of business people including bankers, barristers, ranchers, merchants, contractors, physicians, a hotelier, lumber dealer and a butcher. Over the years, the Chamber has been known as the Medicine Hat Chamber of Commerce, the Medicine Hat & District Chamber of Commerce and in 2024, transitioned to the Southeast Alberta Chamber of Commerce. Since that time, this member-based organization has been the voice of the business community and has always stood for promoting business, monitoring government and championing managed growth in the local economy.

The Chamber continues to be a grassroots not-for-profit business network built by business for business. We are a champion for business and an essential source of information and solutions. We help build the businesses that support our families and our communities. We strive to strengthen our brand so that our businesses and our community can be recognized as a leading-edge business network across Canada, profiling our businesses and fuelling success within the region. Our members are action-motivated people with a need for achievement. They partner with us to help elevate their business to the next level, no matter where they are in the business lifecycle. They want a voice that can carry their message and represent their interests. We partner to serve our business, supplying the connections, support and influence that fuels success for both businesses and for our community.

What We Stand For

Member Driven

Our actions and initiatives are driven by feedback and input from our members. We believe that the impact we create for local businesses ultimately affects the lives of business owners and employees, lending to a greater good in our community


We value honesty, authenticity and inclusivity, representing the organization with professionalism and respect. We appreciate that everyone has a story and different backgrounds that lend to the diverse perspectives that the Chamber represents.

Solution Orientated

We believe that by working together to find solutions and tackling issues our members face, we can stimulate greater success in our region, connecting people with resources, supporting our members, and advocating on behalf of our community.


We believe in collaboration of businesses and organizations from all industries united in the efforts to strengthen the local economy. We value a team mentality and believe that there is power in one unified voice.


We believe in the collaboration of businesses and organizations from all industries, united in strengthening our community. We value a team mentality and believe there is power in one unified voice.

Our Vision

Our community is one where growth is not just a goal but a way of life, where it's easy to do business and a place where businesses actively seek to invest. We are dedicated to nurturing a culture where collaboration thrives and every member of our community is invested in our collective growth. We influence the region's growth, drive momentum, excitement, and progress, infusing vibrancy and energy into every facet of our community. We are committed to being progressive and forward-thinking, fostering a welcoming and inviting atmosphere that celebrates inclusivity, diversity, and a sense of belonging.

Our Mission

To be an essential source of information and solutions to strengthen our community as a catalyst for growth, uniting business, driving leadership and fuelling success through our connections, support and influence.

Partners to Propel You Forward


Steve Heid, President

Committee Member: Executive (Chair), Policy Council, Urban Development Industry, Leadership Development

Steve was born and raised in Medicine Hat and has a love for our city and its development. With over 25 years experience in the building and construction industry and now, as the owner of Lacey Homes, Steve understands the importance of future growth and the strength of our business community. He looks forward to his term with the Chamber and his opportunity to give back to our community, while learning more about other local industries and our business community.

Steven Pudwell

Steven Pudwell, First Vice President

Committee Member: Policy Council (Chair), Community Connections

Steven grew up, raised his family, lives, serves, owned businesses and works in Medicine Hat.  He is proud to be called a “Hatter”.  Over the years, Steven has volunteered with numerous community groups that helped better Medicine Hat’s facilities, services, education, healthy lifestyles, and positive influences for its people.  Steven understands that it is important to continue to attract new economic opportunities and advance existing business in our area. He looks forward to contributing to the Chamber with hard work ethic and thoughtful communication.

Mike Robinson Profile Picture

Mike Robinson, Second Vice President

Committee Member: Leadership Development, Highway 3 Twinning Association

Mike has been living in Medicine Hat since 2000 with his wife Tanis, along with their 3 children and two grandchildren. He grew up on a farm west of Medicine Hat and has been involved in agriculture for over 30 years. He believes there are untapped possibilities for value-added industry within our area that can bring new opportunities to broaden Medicine Hat's economic development. In addition, with his diverse agricultural background, he can offer insight into rural and agriculture-specific initiatives. Mike would like to see the Medicine Hat region become a preferred place for new business opportunities and an expanded economic base that would create future opportunities for the next generation. He is excited about working with the Chamber of Commerce to enhance the region's overall economic prosperity and quality of life.

Davis Griscowsky - Profile Photo

Davis Griscowsky, Treasurer

Committee Member: Finance, Sport and Event Council

Davis was born and raised in Medicine Hat. After completing his CPA exam, he spent a few years practicing public accounting in Calgary before returning to Medicine Hat in 2021 with his fiancé. After working for one of the local golf courses for the better part of a decade, Davis began his professional career at JMH&Co. As a budding professional, he learned the ins-and-outs of public accounting and client relations while providing accounting services to local businesses. Davis is now employed by EBT CPAs where he specializes mainly in cross-border taxation. Davis is excited to once again be a part of Medicine Hat and its growing business community, and is looking forward to contributing to the city through his involvement with the Chamber.


Les Scholly, Director

Committee Member: Community Connections, Leadership Development, Policy Council

Les is originally from Calgary and moved to Medicine Hat in 1993 to complete his year long legal articles with the firm Gordon Smith & Company. While he initially did not intend to stay in Medicine Hat, he found working in a smaller center allowed him opportunities to do legal work for “real people”, which was much different experience from his friends who were articling in the larger Calgary firms. He started making personal and business connections in that first year and he really enjoyed the learning opportunities working as a lawyer in Medicine Hat. He met his wife in Medicine Hat and he has been married 20 years and has 3 boys. He moved to Pritchard & Co. Law Firm after his twins were born and has been there for 16 years. His legal practice consists of helping businesses, from set-up to succession, and helping individuals plan and administer their estates. He has learned to appreciate the Chamber’s benefits through his involvement in the Chamber Connect, Ag-vocacy Events, and the Chamber Awards Gala. Law is a field where giving back to the community is important and he would like to focus his community involvement through the Chamber.

Doug Little - Profile Photo

Doug Little, Director

Committee Member: Community Futures Entre-Corp

Being involved with various clubs and organizations in and around Medicine Hat, Doug had always heard of the great work that the Chamber does for Medicine Hat and South East Alberta and had always hoped to be able to repay his community by giving back where possible. Born in Drumheller and raised here, he is proud to call Medicine Hat home. He and his wife Sheri have raised three boys in Medicine Hat and could not think of a better place to do so. Doug is a pilot for WestJet Airlines and has been there for the last 22 years. Prior to WestJet, his family operated Canada's first Tier III airline, Alberta CityLink, for Air Canada. Along with his WestJet duties, his family operates Super T Aviation Academy, a flight school and aircraft charter company. With a partnership with Prairie Rose School District 8, Super T has also helped create the Dave Rozdeba South Alberta Flight Academy, a unique to Canada high school flight program. Doug has been a coach for hockey, football, lacrosse and many other sports along with racing his Model T Fairground race cars. He recently completed a University of Alberta sponsored course on Indigenous Canada as it relates to history and gender roles here on Treaty 7 land and considers his education as never ending.


Brenda Mercer, Director

Committee Member: Diversity Equity Inclusion

Brenda Mercer, an Indigenous artist and storyteller based in Medicine Hat, Alberta, stands out for her exceptional community-building skills and business initiatives. With a passion for connecting people through Indigenous culture, she hosts events like "Cultural Stories at the Teepee" at the Saamis Tepee, where attendees learn about the land, medicine plants, and Indigenous history. Mercer, who has been beading for over 50 years, shares her craft with the community, emphasizing the act of making as a way to honor the past and celebrate culture.

Her commitment to preserving Indigenous traditions is evident in her use of materials from Indigenous-owned stores, ensuring authenticity in her creations. Mercer's dedication extends beyond her business, as she can often be found sharing her giant heart with those in need in Medicine Hat and area. Brenda uses her skills not only as a form of personal healing but also as a bridge to connect with others. Through her work in various nonprofit organizations in Medicine Hat, and as the founder of White Horse Rider Co., Brenda actively engages the community in crafting and storytelling, fostering conversations about healing and reconciliation.

Matt Peterson Cropped

Matt Peterson, Director

Committee Member: Community Connections

Matt was born and raised here in Medicine Hat and has lived here the majority of his life. He is in his 28th year with Moxie's and has the seen the restaurant brand grow from 11 locations to now over 60. He has been the primary operator of the location in Medicine Hat since 2004 and purchased the business from his mentor in 2013. Also having been involved with the Kinsmen for 11 years, he held many executive positions within the club and chaired/ co-chaired club projects including the Home Lotto in 2015. Over the years, he has also supported the community through his business. In particular, they have directly supported the Santa Claus Fund and the Root Cellar through events and fundraisers. These types of roles and involvement have allowed Matt to make many connections within the community.


Peggy Gizen, Director

Committee Member: Downtown Collective

Peggy grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan and made her home in Medicine Hat, Alberta 1989. She has a strong background in designing and facilitation of programs aimed at helping individuals to find their
motivation to achieve. Peggy is an in-demand facilitator and presenter who combines her skills as a Rehabilitation Practitioner with qualifications as a training facilitator for Everything Disc®, Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team®, Myers-Briggs, True Colours, Life Skills Coach, WonderTech, and many other proven assessment and skill development approaches. Peggy has delivered her workshops to businesses and organizations, large and small, for more than 25 years. Peggy's ability to adapt her materials to a wide range of abilities, along with her practical approach, has proven effective at motivating for the many people and organizations she has worked with through the years. An entrepreneur and business developer in her own right, Peggy’s practical and engaging approach has made her an in-demand facilitator. With the full range of Wiley Corporation assessments and workshops, Peggy will assist members of your team to understand themselves and each other, leading to a more productive and satisfying workplace.

Trevor Anhel

Trevor Anhel, Past President

Committee Member: Executive, Leadership Development (Chair)

Trevor has called Medicine Hat home for over 20 years and has dedicated his career to Financial Services.  Currently as a Mortgage Specialist with RBC, he helps clients with financing one of their largest and most valued assets – the place they call home.  As previous Chair of  Alberta Advisory Council of Mortgage professionals he leads a diversified team committed to influencing positive change within the industry he serves.  Trevor is a past director/member of BILD Medicine Hat (formerly CHBA).  He’s passionate about helping others thrive and is looking forward to the opportunity to serve on the Chamber of Commerce.

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