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2022 Annual Report

We maintain the mechanics, fuel the aircraft, pack our concerns and opportunities on board, and help with the lift-off of many ideas. When issues, processes, and legislation need improving, we take the time to carefully filter out those concerns and boost ideas and opportunities for growth. We balance recurring issues and attempt to mitigate new issues before they become too large. We hosted many events that gave members the opportunity to understand and further develop thoughts on issues and fuel ideas of their own in the many discussions we had. Our commitment to help and voice solutions and recommendations to government conversations on behalf of our businesses is a step forward for 'Fuelling Our Business Community'.


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Policies Drafted

Active Policies



Policies Drafted

Active Policies



Policies Drafted

Active Policies

Advocacy Events

Advocacy Logos

Selling to Government: How to become a successful bidder

Copy of Leadership Lunch - In

Leadership Lunch-In


Luncheon with Premier Kenney: Budget 2022 and Alberta's Recovery

2022 State of the City - 1

2022 State of the City


Suffield - Creating Connections and Building our Future

Hours Spent

Policy Wins

Letters Sent

Policies Completed

Government Meetings

Influencer Members

Advocacy Events

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Copy of BW_Business Support Kit
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