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Agribusiness Supports

Fuelling our business community through a unified voice for Ag.

As an essential economic driver for over a century, the agriculture industry needs to be promoted, expanded and supported as a key to our region’s success.



The ongoing pandemic has created new barriers to the agriculture and agri-food industry and it is vital that there is access to labour, management of supply and demand, and financial support available.


Regulations and Resources

Despite the size of Canada’s agriculture and agri-food sector, there is still massive potential to grow the industry further by breaking down the barriers businesses face domestically and internationally. Achieving this will require Canada ensures the regulatory environment within which companies operate does not stifle the ability to innovate and that companies have access to labour.



A modern economy requires programs and policies that support a diverse workforce; promote safe, fair, and healthy workplaces; and attract skilled workers.


Funding and Taxes

Economic policies must be founded on sound principals and complemented by taxation that is simplified and modern in order to encourage business investment, growth and prosperity.

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Market Acccess

As an exporting nation we need the infrastructure that allows for the effective movement of goods with a trade system that opens markets at home and around the world.


Sustainability and Education

Greater awareness around food sustainability and the environmental foot print of agriculture has become progressively more important. Educating Canadians about the agriculture industry ensures citizens of all ages are informed about where food comes from, the importance of agriculture to our economy and the future sustainability of our food

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