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The Road So Far

2020 Annual Report

When we map out our destination, there are just a couple of certainties: where you start and where you want to arrive. Along the way, there may be detours, construction zones, pit stops and traffic jams, but as long as you know where you’re going, you can always adjust your path to reach that final destination, charting the roadmap for the future.

This year has no doubt proved to be challenging and while the roadblocks seemed daunting at times, they also made us dig deep as a community to find ways to steer our way around the obstacles and find our path forward.

Now more than ever, we have recognized the importance of planning. Whether having pandemic plans, emergency response plans or our strategic plans, these have all guided our organization through the most difficult situations, providing us a roadmap and the ability to adjust and choose different routes when we needed to change course. This is no different for businesses, communities and governments, we need our roadmap and a solid plan in order to reach the destination we desire.

When we started this year, we didn’t realize the challenges ahead. However, knowing our destination, and relying on our vision and mission as markers, means that our organization is being guided by a steady hand on the wheel and a map that shows us how to keep Fuelling our Business Community today, tomorrow and well into the future.

Membership Milestones and Past Presidents
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