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President's Message

2020 Annual Report

When getting ready to reach a destination, there are just a few certainties: your starting and ending points. Along the way, there may be detours, construction zones, red lights or slow-moving traffic, but as long as you know where you’re going, you can always adjust your path to reach that final destination.

Every year the Medicine Hat and District Chamber of Commerce reaffirms our vision, mission, and principles built on the pillars of Connections, Support and Influence. These pillars are the navigation tools that we use to create our strategic priorities roadmap through strategic planning sessions in order to determine our organization’s direction and destination.

We know that an essential part of our journey as an organization includes Membership Growth. We believe in the dashboard of benefits that we offer, and we want everyone to take advantage of our networking opportunities, cost savings, and advocacy efforts. When the pandemic placed obstacles in the path of businesses, we pointed them in the right direction to help navigate around roadblocks and find the tools they needed. We are committed to growing our benefit offerings and connecting our members to toolkits and resources that will help them succeed.

We’re always looking for different ways to Expand our Service Delivery. A responsive and relevant organization doesn’t hesitate to re-calculate their route when there are road closures or detours. We used this strategy to adjust our operations and turned challenges into new opportunities. Our traditional vehicle of face to face has been enhanced with a new model of virtual delivery and our fleet of communications has been expanded and turbo charged.

Visionary Volunteer Leadership has always been the fuel for this organization. Our business community alerts us to the obstacles in their path so we can work with government to remove them. Our board of directors facilitates our journey by setting our strategic direction. Knowing our destination allowed us to adjust, re-route, and meet a once in a century pandemic

Our Culture of Constant Improvement ties together all of these priorities and drives us forward, as we continually re-evaluate, respond and adapt to challenges on our path.

The Medicine Hat and District Chamber of Commerce has been a cornerstone of our community since 1900 and our commitment to our members and region continues to push us forward on this journey with every milestone reached. As our 125th year in the community approaches, we are focused on Creating a Legacy and marking this milestone, but the more significant legacy is maintaining and developing an organization that can serve our community through connections, support and influence.

When we started this year, we didn’t realize the challenges ahead. However, knowing our destination, and relying on our vision and mission as markers, means that our organization is being guided by a steady hand on the wheel and a map that shows us how to keep Fuelling our Business Community today, tomorrow and well into the future.

As we continue our journey forward, we are looking to establish the Chamber as the connector and resource for all aspects business, influencing regional collaboration & opportunities while promoting the community capital and supports within our region. We encourage each of you to come along for the ride, so we can reach our destination together.

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