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Workplace Training Program

This program will assist employment-ready job seekers to update their workplace skills and experience to gain full-time employment. Through On-the-Job Training or Paid Work Experience, Being Human Services will help connect employers with willing workers. Once Being Human Services has matched job seekers to employers, they will assist both parties through the steps required to fill the gaps…

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Business Beat: Training is an Investment

Imagine this scene around a board table. Times are tight and balancing the budget is becoming an increasing challenge. As the costs for staff training are shared, one manager leans across the table and whispers to another, “Imagine spending that much money training our staff, and then they all leave.” The second manager whispers back,…

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Business Beat: The Results are in and Business has Spoken

Business Beat: The Results are in and Business has Spoken In previous articles, I’ve addressed how a sound community economic action plan requires business to be at the front end of what we’re doing. You can’t identify economic problems and implement solutions without the insight of local business. No one understands the issues and have…

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