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Gig Economy Accelerated by Pandemic

Where do you live, 2019!? Such was the typically hilarious response from a friend in Silicon Valley when I recommended a podcast “for his commute.” From Google employees like him to accountants and lawyers, to economic development professionals and psychologists, if it is possible to work remotely, COVID has pushed entire industries to do so.…

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Business Beat: Adaptation and Transformation – Why life will never be the same

Business Beat: Adaptation and Transformation – Why life will never be the same Both adaptation and transformation refer to the process of change, but the motivation and approach is what differs. Adaptation is a reaction to or anticipation of new conditions or environment. Whereas transformation is change that is physically or qualitatively different. Transformation may…

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Staying Connected during COVID-19

What does it mean to stay connected? Whether it be a personal or business process, now more than ever it is crucial that we are able to stay connected while we navigate through the new normal of COVID-19. Luckily, one local company is providing the technology to make that a possibility. Founded in 1993, and…

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Together Yet Apart

In the recent weeks, we have seen the significant impact of the Coronavirus on financial markets, vulnerable industries, the health care system and in our own communities. We are living through an unprecedented time, together yet apart from family, friends and our neighbours. It is surreal. That is the only way I can describe it;…

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5 Steps for Business: How to Manage COVID-19

5 Steps for Business: How to Manage COVID-19 Last updated: June 24, 2020 Step 1: Take Care of You and Your Employees 1 . Take care of you and your employees first Take care of your physical and mental health – you can use the community resources on our COVID-19 website page for supports and…

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How to Prepare, Prevent, Protect, and Respond to COVID-19

There are currently 62 confirmed cases of the Novel Corona Virus in Canada. While Canada has not experienced the impacts that other countries are experiencing right now, we must be prepared for all scenarios and closely follow best practices around the world. The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today announced the creation of a new Cabinet…

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