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The Tree That Stands

When we plant the seed we must take care of the plant we are about to grow. We nourish the plant by fertilizing the soil to ensure it has the proper nutrients. We then water the soil and give it light to grow. We watch that plant sprout and eventually we transfer it from a pot to the ground so it can take root and thrive. We continue to cultivate and nurture that plant, so it can grow, reseed and thrive and create a healthy ecosystem for other plants to be nurtured around it.

Similar to the plant we cultivate, the Chamber nourishes many seeds, roots and stems that we are involved in. We plant the ideas, fertilize that idea with resources, continually nurture the roots to help that idea, business or concept growth Grow and Thrive.

Our tree at the Chamber has been built up for more than 120 years. It has strong roots from many presidents, boards and business members of the past. All these people help drive these roots deeper to hold the tree that stands today. Without the roots the tree would merely shrivel on the ground, without structure, without pose.

These roots hold the structure to the Chamber that allows us to keep Fuelling our Business Community.

Past Presidents 2021 (2)
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