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2021 Annual Report

We Plant the Seeds, Fertilize the Soil, Water the Roots, and allow businesses to Grow and Thrive. We are here to serve the needs of every business in our region and to help them prosper. We want each and every member to feel like they are our priority. We invest time and resources to ensure we can help businesses meet their specific needs. Grand openings, events, advocacy, promotion and community partnerships, are the many ways we cultivate those relationships with our members and celebrate their successes, giving a helping hand when needed. We value our members as without them we wouldn't be here. When Fuelling our Business Community we value each and every member so each investment brings a positive outcome for businesses and our community to help us Grow and Thrive.

Annual Report Membership (1)

58 New Members

808 Total Members

81 Shop Local Offers

9 Grand Openings

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