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2020 Annual Report

We had a number of events over the past year, with our trade shows, lunch and learns, networking, political events, business awards, leadership breakfast, Presidents’ reception, State of the City and training sessions, in addition to a number of grand openings and grand re-openings. We took a bit of a pit stop from our events to refuel and retool, finding new opportunities and developing virtual event delivery solutions to help guide us along the way. Regardless of how we deliver our events, in-person or virtual, the reasons why we have events remain grounded in our pillars of connection, support and influence. We look forward to continuing to execute events that keep Fuelling our Business Community.



Curious about our other events?

Networking Events


Networking_YMCA (1)

Business Awards: First Class

October 18, 2019

Want to learn more about our Business Awards?

2019 Sponsors

State of the City

January 28, 2020

The State of the City is an annual event where attendees learn about the City of Medicine Hat’s progress over the past year and get informed of what's in store for our community in the year to come.

Social Media Conference

May 1 - June 20, 2020



The annual Social Media Conference was adapted to be accessible virtually. Jo(e) Social Media delivered outstanding information at one of the most vulnerable times in business history. This event series was a collaborative effort between the above organizations

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