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2020 HAT Smart Program Opens

The popular and award-winning HAT Smart program announces the launch of its 2020 Residential Incentive Program, with energy conservation and renewable energy savings for City of Medicine Hat utility customers. Residents will see the return of funding for the installation of solar panels on homes, as well as high efficiency air conditioners. Visit or call 403.502.8799 for more information on how to apply for rebates through the HAT Smart program and to stay up to date on the current level of funding.

The popular Scratch & Win program will continue through 2020. This program offers utility customers the chance to win back the cost of small ticket energy conservation items, such as energy efficient light bulbs, programmable thermostats, and block heater timers.

The HAT Smart program is funded through collection of an Environmental Conservation Charge with a total of $250,000 allocated for the 2020 program. The program raises awareness and provides education about the importance of reducing our environmental impact and supports renewable energy projects throughout the city.

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